Trucking Management Software for Heavy Construction and Materials

Optimize the Movement of Construction Materials

Collaborate digitally with contractors, material producers, carriers and drivers on a single platform.

Ruckit for ReadyMix Companies

ReadyMix operations use Ruckit to track deliveries, material inventory and concrete going out in real time.

Digital Ticketing for Contractors

Ticket Pro is a powerful tool for digital ticketing that could be saving your company money by flagging fraud and errors.

Ticket Management for Truck Companies

Ticket Manager is the back office solution that makes scanning paper tickets, creating invoices, and paying drivers a breeze.

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Hector Garcia
Project Coordinator, OHL USA

"The RuckIt platform is a game changer in the industry by integrating modern technology to dispatch and monitor trucking on or off the jobsite. The application/site allow for real time tracking and make the commonly painful task of invoicing nearly painless and instant in comparison to old methods."

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Francisco Chavez
Dispatcher, Panther Transportation

“My favorite feature is the auto-assign drivers from the previous day. Drag and drop dispatching is great, but when we have 35 to 40 drivers on a job, I can just hit that button to auto-assign and it makes my life easier.”

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Adan Del Fierro
Driver, Del Fierro Trucking

“I don’t have to make 5 to 10 phone calls asking for directions, with the drop pin on the app I’m able to get my load to where it’s supposed to be without any delays or missing my next load.”

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Companies That Trust Ruckit Everyday
Summit Materials
Sunset Logistics
Cal Earth Transport
Zachry Transportation and Heavy Civil

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Companies That Trust Ruckit Everyday