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Ruckit partners with Command Alkon

Ruckit has partnered with Command Alkon to bring you an integration between Connex and two of Ruckit’s core products: Ticket Pro and Scale Sync!

Ruckit has partnered with Command Alkon to bring you an integration of Connex with Ruckit’s Ticket Pro and Scale Sync!

Ticket Pro gets an upgrade with Connex

Through the Connex platform, Ticket Pro will now have direct access to your Material Supplier tickets to build a stronger data set with which to manage your construction projects. 

As each ticket is received, Ruckit will communicate with Connex to receive data straight from the Point of Sale. This allows for much deeper integration and data sharing. “With this new integration, we are able to more rapidly deliver value to our shared customers by automatically grabbing important information which isn’t always available on the paper ticket” says Michael Bordelon, CTO of Ruckit. 

In the past, we needed to provide additional support to these tickets through a combination of OCR tech and our human verification team. Now, we can simply grab all the necessary data from Connex in near real-time. This will improve the accuracy and availability of the data. 

While at the moment this still requires a paper ticket to be captured somewhere in the process, we hope that by connecting our two systems we are able to deliver a more automated experience in the future. Where you are able to perform your accruals each day with minimal human contact and even less room for error.

Connex and Scale Sync

Connex also allows for new possibilities with Ruckit’s Scale Sync solution. In the past, the onboarding process required ticket training to occur once each scale is online. With Connex, Ruckit is able to deliver on the Scale Sync automation - creation of daily orders, truck assignment, gps tracking and auto-statusing from plant to job - like never before. 

Ruckit and Connex combined allow for more accurate billing, tracking of orders, and more meaningful interactions in the Field in a digital format. Ruckit receives the ticket information from Connex and you can trust that a driver didn’t mis-type a digit and throw off accruals or enter wrong ticket numbers which lead to delays in AP settlements.

Currently, Connex Integration is limited to tickets from Material Suppliers on the Connex platform; however, we are moving quickly towards a future where more information will be shared between the Point of Sale and Ruckit’s Ticket Pro and Scale Sync systems.


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