Optimize Material Deliveries Across All Trucks

Give your customers a real-time view of trucks enroute to their jobs
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Hector Garcia
Project Coordinator, OHL USA

"The Ruckit platform is a game changer in the industry by integrating modern technology to dispatch and monitor trucking on or off the jobsite. The application/site allow for real time tracking and make the commonly painful task of invoicing nearly painless and instant in comparison to old methods."

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Francisco Chavez
Dispatcher, Panther Transportation

“My favorite feature is the auto-assign drivers from the previous day. Drag and drop dispatching is great, but when we have 35 to 40 drivers on a job, I can just hit that button to auto-assign and it makes my life easier.”

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Manage All Trucks on One Platform

  • Share jobs across owned, leased-on, and independent trucks

  • Manage what each company can view

  • Dispatch 3rd party trucks assigned to you

  • Message drivers easily

Easy Drag and Drop Dispatching

  • No more drowning in phone calls

  • Schedule all of your owned, leased-on, and 3rd party trucks assigned to your jobs

  • Auto-assign trucks from previous day with 1 click

  • Get confirmations that drivers have accepted their jobs

Next Level Ticket Management

  • Easily scan tickets with scanner integration

  • Quickly reference tickets in the system by searching and sorting

  • Optical Character Recognition extracts and auto-fills ticket info

  • Archive tickets on the cloud and trash those boxes of paper tickets

Drivers Work in a Free Mobile App

  • Receive and accept jobs

  • See important job details - rates, location, and times

  • Get rid of wasted time and delays

  • Stop losing tickets

Track Trucks in Real-Time

  • Quantify start & stop times

  • See the location and status of every truck on a map

  • Optimize load times and get rid of delays

  • Handle changes and reassign drivers on the fly

Improve Your Delivery Efficiency

  • Get insights with heatmaps and analytics to spot problem areas

  • Reassign trucks and fix issues before it is too late

  • Eliminate waste and use the right amount of trucks

  • Fulfill all customer requests

Speed Up Invoicing

  • Get rid of manual entry of tickets

  • Reduce errors and disputes

  • Send electronic invoices that your customers can sort & view

  • Integrate with your accounting system

Ruckit Pays for Itself
Costs savings is the name of our game. By increasing efficiency you can make more money without even growing your business but as you grow savings are exponential.


Do You Have Any of These Problems?

  • Customers asking “Where are my trucks”
  • Drivers calling for directions
  • Manual data entry for invoicing
  • Lost or missing tickets
  • Calling to find more trucks
  • Over-dispatching of trucks
  • Disputes over loads or rates
  • Lost productivity from drivers waiting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install any hardware?

Nope! There are no hardware installation requirements. Ruckit is a web and mobile application that uses the GPS technology in drivers’ smartphones to provide real-time tracking and collaboration.

Will my drivers be able to use Ruckit?

Yes they will. We hear stories every week from customers whose least tech-savvy drivers are now enjoying using Ruckit. Most drivers spend less than 10 minutes per day in the app getting locations for jobs and entering their tickets.

Will competitors be able to see my jobs or rates?

No. Every company on Ruckit has their own log-ins and working environment, and the only people that have access to your jobs are the people that you invite to join your network. And you can easily manage what every person sees so they only have access to the information you want them to have.

How much does Ruckit cost?

Ruckit has simple (and popular) usage billing based on the number of trucks using the platform per day. If it rains and trucks aren’t working, you don’t pay. Give us a call for a quote.

Does Ruckit integrate with my other software?

Ruckit is built on an open application program interface (API) structure so that it can integrate with other software commonly used in the heavy construction and materials industries. We’ve built integrations for many different software applications, and we would be happy to discuss your integration needs.

Where is our data stored and is it secure?

Ruckit is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based technologies that many of the world’s largest companies use and trust for their sensitive information.

Will my drivers leave and go to a competitor if I require them to use Ruckit?

Our customers haven’t experienced this, and our goal is the opposite. We want companies that use Ruckit to become more efficient and profitable with more satisfied customers so they can grow and become a place where drivers want to work.

Will my competitors have access to my Trucks or Drivers?

No. Companies using Ruckit only have access to the information you allow them to see.

How will I collaborate with other 3rd party trucks?

It’s easy to collaborate with every truck in your network. You can upload the truck information once and then invite them to join your network with a login. Drivers simply download the mobile app in iOS or Android, log-in, and start receiving jobs you want to send them.

How long does it take to implement and get started?

We built Ruckit to be simple and easy to use with no hardware installation, so you can implement as quickly as you want. It normally takes a few days for the initial setup and training for dispatchers, accounting, and drivers. We have online training videos and a dedicated implementation team to help you with a smooth implementation.

What type of contract do I have to sign?

We want Ruckit to be friendly to use. We have a simple terms and conditions agreement but there is no long term contract. You only pay for Ruckit when you use it, and you can leave at any time if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

Who else is using Ruckit?

Our newest version of Ruckit just launched in early 2018, but it is quickly being adopted across the industry. 3 of the top 10 aggregate producers, several large contractors, and some of the largest trucking companies in the country are now using it with more customers joining every week.

Do you support multiple languages?

Yes, Ruckit is available now in English, Spanish, and French, with more languages on our roadmap.

How much of a driver's data plan does Ruckit use?

Very little. Drivers tell us that they spend about a minute per trip in the app so roughly around 10 minutes per day.

Easy Start-Up

Most companies get started in a few days with minimal change management, and no additional hardware.

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