Ruckit works with most industry standard tools

Apex & JWS

Ruckit integrates deeply with APEX & JWS by importing Jobs (Dispatch Orders) and Tickets minimizing double-entry. Use cases enabled by this integration include notifying haulers and drivers via SMS and Email when a Job has been cancelled in Apex & automatically update the status of the driver based on a ticket printed at the scale. As well as notifying a customer when a truck has been loaded at the plant and is headed their way.


Quickbooks is used by many trucking vendors and because of that Ruckit has built robust interfaces that feed straight through the quickbook APIs.  Specifically, the Ruckit Quickbooks interface can either send over invoice data for AP records or it can send detailed ticket records so invoicing can be performed in Quickbooks.


ScaleIt is a leading Point of Sale system used in Asphalt and Aggregate Plants. Ruckit integrates deep into ScaleIt allowing for seamless two-way communication of Jobs & Tickets between the systems.


Eliminate the need for manual data-entry, allowing thousands of materials across hundreds of projects to be synced automatically as they are updated in SAP. Additionally, tickets from Ruckit are automatically synced to SAP for review and approval once they have been verified by our data-entry team.

Our services team will work with your IT to map data to the Integration tool and transport it in the way that fits the needs of the organization, including web services and FTP.


Ruckit integrates deeply with Libra to import Tickets and minimize double-entry. Automatically update the status of the driver, based on the ticket printed at the scale & notify a customer when a truck has been loaded at the plant and is headed their way.


Ruckit has two approaches to integration with Viewpoint.  The first is a file-based integration that exchanges files for Jobs, Tickets and Invoices. The second is a database-integration which interfaces through a middleware service which directly sends data to the Viewpoint Database, but can incur additional charges over the file-based integration.


TMW is a leading TMS System. Ruckit integrates with TMW to import Jobs eliminating double-entry and exports Trip Detail and Tickets back to TMW so customers can choose to use TMW for billing and invoicing.

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