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Start tracking your trucks and deliveries in real-time with the best e-ticketing solution in the industry!
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Get e-Ticketing Today to Streamline Your Trucking and Hauling Operations

Ruckit is the best e-Ticketing solution for construction material trucking and hauling on the market. Our e-Ticketing is the easiest to implement in the industry today because there's no hardware to install and drivers don't even have to use the app. With minimal change order you can be running your dump trucks on digital tickets within 24 hours. Ruckit is a great trucking management software for hauling rock, dirt, asphalt, aggregate, concrete, cement, and any other heavy construction materials.

Scale Integrations

• Simply install a scale integration to start using digital tickets within 24 hours.

• For safety and ease-of-use, your drivers don't even need to use and app.

• No hardware to install.

Manage and Organize Your Tickets

• Easily access all of your tickets instantly from any computer.

• Organize and review all of your tickets from anywhere.

• No hidden cost for storage, cloud storage is included in your subscription.

DOT Compliance

• Ruckit collaborates with DOTs regularly to develop features that help our users stay compliant seamlessly.

• Our e-Ticketing package is approved by many state DOTs and we're adding more everyday.

Here's what's included.

• e-Ticketing from Ruckit provides Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) in real-time.

• Access to your tickets on cloud storage from anywhere.

• Invoice reconciliation of scale tickets along with 3rd party tickets.

• Import tool for tracking and managing external tickets as well.

• Live load tracking and cycle time reporting.

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